Pavilion Estates EAW

The recently completed EAW for the proposed Pavilion Estates development is available for public review and comment on the TCPA website.  Follow this link to the website Pavilion Estates page and scroll to the 'EAW Documents' section.  Public comments should be sent to the TCPA office located at 4111 11th Ave SW, Room 10, Rochester MN 55902 or email them to

All comments will be posted on the TCPA website within one week of receipt or by the end of the comment period since often comments are received from reviewers on or about the last day.  If you email comments please note that your email address may be visible so it is suggested mailing comments or dropping them off at the TCPA office.

Please note that Town Board members can comment but usually do not since they enter into this knowing that they must make a determination as to the necessity for further environmental review.   It is best if they do not form an opinion until all of the facts have been presented to them.  The Town Board can only make a determination at a meeting of the Board.

Any responses made by the applicant to the comments will be posted on the web site sometime after the comment period has ended.    Township Staff will also provide comments to the board and will draft resolutions along with the Town Attorney to determine if further environmental review is necessary.  That determination once made will be sent to the EQB and will be posted on the TCPA website.  If mailing addresses are provided, a copy of the official responses and the Boards determination will be sent out once they have made it.  Additionally, a posting of when this will be on the Town Boards agenda will be placed on our website.

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